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The Eater 38 has returned, newly updated just in time for the most beautiful months of the year.

For the uninitiated, this is a map intended to help answer that age-old question, "What's for dinner?

Sure, there are awkward people everywhere, but in Boston, it seems like the lion’s share of the dating pool. Most Bostonian 20-somethings (and a fair number of 30-somethings) live with other people their age, so you better have that Spotify playlist on lock, and the dishes out of the sink by morning.

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Just resign yourself to talking about your education every time you go out. And if you know what’s good for you, you won’t go Downtown on Patriot’s Day, or cross the river during the Head of the Charles Regatta unless you’re partaking in the festivities.

Let’s face it, Boston doesn’t exactly have a romantic reputation.

Unlike New York or Paris, we’re not known for our glittering parties, scenic strollable avenues, or adorable patisseries.

" Dallas' restaurant scene's growth is still explosive, and as such, there's more options than ever for the city's diners.

The Eater 38 includes restaurants across a variety of cuisines, price points, and settings, all of which serve up consistently solid fare.