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I dealt with the betrayal, the whole set up while I was in prison.

If I had made it to London and the authorities hadn’t got to me, I may not even be here.

It all started several years ago when Armstrong signed up for an online dating site, met a guy, and "fell hard and fast" in her words.

As Armstrong told "He talked about our future together. When my computer was later analyzed they found more than 7000 emails. There was always an excuse for why he couldn’t Skype.

The woman was arrested and ended up spending the next two and a half years in an Argentinian prison.

Notwithstanding the prison sentence, Armstrong is glad things didn't turn out worse:"I learnt early on that I didn’t want to remain a victim.

So she got on a plane and traveled to Argentinian hotel, where a suitcase awaited her.

After going through her belongings, they ultimately found three long packages of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.

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After they received that suitcase they would have slit my throat and left me on some street.

I’m lucky I wasn’t sent to a country where they have the death penalty for drug offenses. The prison wasn’t flash but there are a lot of worse places to be.""If I had any advice it would be to listen to your gut.