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We’re wrapping up our annual meet-up in Magnolia this week, but not before we get another Snapshot out the door.

In Vivaldi 1.10 we added the ability to use custom thumbnails for Speed Dials on your start page.

Its as simple as that,” And as the afternoon unfolds revellers can take part in The Church’s very own version of speed dating.

But before the grief-stricken hedonism reaches an unmanageable peak, we should point out that The Church has only moved on – not closed its doors for ever.

After ten years, 500 blurry afternoons and more wet t-shirts than you could shake a can of Fosters at, The Church – motto: “If you haven’t sinned, you can’t be forgiven” – has been born again.

Helen, 23, from Perth, Australia, says: “It’s a real meat market here,” as an unidentified male runs past to announce excitedly to his mates: “I just gave £15 to two girls to kiss.” While it may not be the most sophisticated way to while away a Sunday afternoon, the event is undeniably popular and its appeal is no longer limited to Australians alone. “The Church has such a great atmosphere,” 23-year-old East Londoner Justin Abrahams says.

“It’s an awesome time, especially considering it’s the middle of the day.