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These changes in light influence seasonal cycles of temperature, weather, sea ice formation, and the organisms that live in this area.The station supports science year-round and accommodates about 20 people in the winter and up to 44 in the austral summer.During the camera's operational period, both adult birds and chicks can be seen.An Adélie breeding pair will often take turns caring for chicks while the other takes to the sea to feed on krill.The Palmer Station Webcam The Palmer Station Webcam is mounted on a tower overlooking the smallest of the United States Antarctic stations, as well as Arthur Harbour and the Bismarck Strait beyond.Storage containers, dormitories, and research facilities can all be seen in the image, as well as a dock to the left.Located on Anvers Island near the Antarctic Peninsula, Palmer Station (64° 46’S, 64° 03’W) is named for Nathaniel B. The first building at the new station, the biology laboratory, opened its doors to science in 1970. Antarctic stations, Palmer is the only one that is accessed routinely during the winter. The station frequently experiences high winds, sometimes reaching 70 knots or more.Palmer, who in 1820 on a sealing expedition in his 47-foot (14-meter) ship the became the first American to record sighting Antarctica. Today, two main buildings and several smaller structures make up Palmer Station and provide housing and research facilities for scientists and support personnel. With ice cliffs rising above Arthur Harbor and the station, the Marr Ice Piedmont covers Anvers Island. Average annual precipitation is 13 feet (4 meters) of snow and 30 in (76 cm) of rain.

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Research Vessels As there is no place to land a cargo airplane at Palmer Station, ships play a crucial role both in science and the transport of cargo and personnel from Punta Arenas, Chile, 750 nautical miles (1,390 km) to the north. Laurence Gould, was designed to serve this dual role and was brought into service in 1997.

The hull is constructed of strengthened steel that allows year-round operation in Antarctica under most ice conditions.

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