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To Ulbricht, it seemed like an arbitrary distinction.

Weren’t people inevitably responsible for what they put in their own bodies—be it fast food, booze, cigarettes, or, say, marijuana?

They were not only in heated battles with various unions but also in litigation with city governments.

But, in reality, there is a decidedly more cynical underside to all this euphoria.Ulbricht, now 33, developed an affinity for Ayn Rand books and libertarian philosophy; he appeared to view the world not as it was, per se, but as he wanted it to be. Big Macs led to diabetes and heart attacks, he would often argue, so why was Mc Donald’s lawful?Cars facilitated tens of thousands of casualties per year, he noted, yet they remained highly unregulated and were capable of going several times the speed limit.The same was true with alcohol and cigarettes, which have killed millions.So why, Ulbricht provoked, were recreational drugs illegal?