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Pay Pal has evolved into a massive, global payment institution, while Venmo retains its handy, quick-payment feel.For instance, you won’t pay your restaurant bill with Venmo.British Investment Trust Bank" which (had) a website which talks about customer security and uses pictures of tourist sites in London to underline its respectability and status. As of 18th July '03, both of these websites are unavailable.Strangely enough, this "bank" does not feel able to publish its correct address. We must thank both British and American enforcement agencies for their rapid reaction.You can add comments and notes that other friendly Venmo users can browse like a social media wall.Venmo takes online payments and makes it a more welcoming system to suit you and your friends.

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They used to fax but they have now discovered e-mail and can reach more potential marks.

American sources warn of the danger of accepting any invitation to visit Nigeria offered by these villains.

They have been known to manufacture exit problems so that the mark can be pressured to hand over money as a condition of being allowed to leave Nigeria.

It’s generally easy to use and a secure way to send money while buying products and services online, but it does have its downsides.

Fortunately, several other businesses have stepped up to provide their own payment services.