Accomodating gifted students in music education

Fast forward, I don't know why I tried it again recently, first the new Eau Premiere and a week later the EDP, both times on the back of my neck and on my wrists and so it happened. Yes, it still has that vintage vibe, this is undeniable, but it really is extremely feminine, elegant and abstract at the same time.

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I have also tried the Parfum and although it seemed to last longer, it is really expensive.

Once arrived the first thing I asked was what perfume was she wearing, and with my greatest surprise she replied Chanel N5.

This revelation made me understand that N5 was that kind of perfumes that depend a lot on your chemistry and chemistry changes among people and it changes along the years, sometimes of days.

I like it, I enjoy the strictly " perfume" smell...purposely made not to be food like, or floral or even spicy or resinous.

This is a woman who is modern, bold and does not hesitate to go for what she wants. Im surprised so many dislike this but I guess a lot of people prefer sweet, candyfloss sugarbombs, or weaker aquatic florals these days.

Accomodating gifted students in music education