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She can be hard-nosed in rejecting women who, as she puts it, "don't take care of themselves." She adds: "Fat is out. We're in major metropolitan cities where people care about looks."So what do men want? "They want women who are attractive, who are well-groomed, natural looking."And thin. I don't care if they're short and bald with a belly. They value intelligence, a sense of humor, and character." For her men, intellectual stimulation has been "really heavy duty" only in the past five years.

At the end of the Boston search, she'll compile a file on each woman and place them in three categories: A Strong Yes, Your Call, and No Way Jose.

Her parents recently celebrated their 65th anniversary, and she met her own husband 25 years ago. She gets rid of the caller in a New York second."See what I mean?"Men don't have the avenues to meet the women I meet," she says. There's a phone interview, a written questionnaire, and photographs to submit.A candidate will learn more about Jeremy when and if Spindel thinks that person may be right for him.This is the one you're going to marry.' If Jeremy says he had a nice time but he doesn't know if there's chemistry I say, 'Guess what?You're going out again.' "At the moment, she says, she has two other Boston clients, who are 54 and 59, and she'll keep an eye out for wives for them, too, during the Marriott screening.