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Cheating has a negative connotation, but you can learn from your mistakes.

Why Cheating Can Actually HELP Your Marriage Have you ever cheated? I saw the devastation it caused when I cheated, which made me a better person.

These sites offer support and hope to daters looking to connect with a positive community.

Not strictly a dating site for positive singles but still the best option, in our expert opinion, Match is the acclaimed name in the dating industry.

But I believe in fighting back, in standing up for yourself. As for the ethical question, if the reason I found out my significant other cheated is by catching an STD, and I then have to get tested, I'd feel more of an ethical implication to put it on the site, make people aware that she had one. Why Powerful Men Cheat So you don't worry about untrue posts? We do filter the posts; hundreds a day come through containing personal information—phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers. What kind of response have you gotten from actual cheaters? The cheater finds out they're on the site and they reply—it's usually remorseful.

There are some that I read where I sit back and wonder if the stories are really true. We had a guy today who found out his wife was cheating with his buddy, so he posted his buddy's wife's number so people could let her know about the affair. Some say that the incident helped them become a better person.

On the other side of the spectrum, I get questions about how we verify that the information is correct, and concerns about slander and defamation of character. There might be posts that aren't 100 percent true, but that's not for me to decide.

I'm happily married—I don't cheat on my wife.

She always jokes that if I ever did, I'd have to close the company down.

Is letting the world know someone has cheated a violation of their privacy? But we're governed by the same laws as Facebook—the Communications Decency Act of 1996. We're a social networking site where others can post information. The reality of it is there are more women who are posted as cheaters on our site than men. We see posts about cheating that happened two years ago.

I can see how some people think that's true, that it should stay private. They're sorry because they got caught, not because they did it. If someone is about to cheat on his wife, he may not because of the threat of being blasted on Cheaterville. And they are mid-level professionals; we're seeing an older crowd. People meet on Match, they chat, get ready to meet and have their first date, but first check to see if they are on Cheaterville to make sure the other person isn't a player. The victim never got over it, so they post it on Cheaterville.